£475.00 £299.99

Get your epic MEGA Pack, with all the I Love QC LiveFX Packs for only $299! This supreme Pack includes every one of the 16 visual packs currently in the I Love QC store!

  • Zebra
  • Frontier
  • Frontier Logo
  • Beeple Cave
  • Ghost In The Machine
  • Ghost Logo
  • Geometrix
  • Glitch Fix
  • Destruct
  • Filmic
  • White Eddy
  • Wolf Pack
  • Mondo
  • Your Logo LiveFX
  • Edioteque
  • DJ Spooky ICE

All helping you take your DJ or VJ set to the next level!

These six superior packs normally would cost you $600, but you can now enjoy them for just $299.99, saving you a massive $300!!! These packs contain LiveFX which respond live on Mac and Movies for Windows users. ILQC’s LiveFX Packs work with all versions of Serato Video.

Works with most good video software including: Serato Video, Mix Emergency (Not Zebra, Not Dj spooky), Resolume (Not Beeple, Wolf, filmic or destruct) VDMX, Coge, Millinium.