GHOST IN THE MACHINE  GHOST LOGO: Get GHOST IN THE MACHINE with the Logo add on pack to wow your audience. Add YOUR Logo into your set to bring customisation and audio reactivity to your GHOST IN THE MACHINE pack!.

Using the beautiful visuals created for ILQC by Shurly, an expert at creating visuals, this pack contains both the MASSIVE GHOST IN THE MACHINE pack and the add on pack which allows you to add YOUR Logo, #’s or any other image of your choice into a selection of the finest GHOST IN THE MACHINE Visuals.

Buy both as a bundle GHOST IN THE MACHINE (Huge Video FX Pack) and GHOST LOGO (Customisable Live FX Pack) as a bundle for only £39.99 // €45.99 // $49.99, saving you $$$

Works with most good video software including: Serato Video, Mix Emergency, Resolume, VDMX, Coge, Millinium.
GHOST LOGO – MAC ONLY. – Not compatible with Windows (if you are a not Mac user and would like this pack then please get in contact with us via our support page).