Frontier: Live Video FX


This month give your audience an amazing new show with a mega pack of 16 new videos for Serato. This is our first ever pack of straight video clips created by the awesome VJ CATMAC.

CATMAC is an expert at creating visuals that keep your audience routed to the dance floor while make you look awesome.

Take your audience on an epic journey through space and time with FRONTIER. A perfect mix of glitches, tunnels, spheres, flashes, fire and ice to entice them into to another realm. The video FX can be simply dragged and dropped into your Serato Video to bring your set to life. This pack is also fully compatible with Mix Emergency and VJ software.

So don’t hang about, add this amazing pack into your collection today for only:
£39.99 // €49.99 // $54.99

Works with most good video software including: Serato Video, Mix Emergency, Resolume, VDMX, Coge, Millinium.


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