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Catch The Fire London



Catch The Fire London is a church based in Wembley, UK. I worked for a year and half for them running their media department. 
During this time we managed to really establish the churches media presence. We designed a new website, increased the visual marketing, as well as introduced video podcasts, video notices and promotional material for gathering and events. During the designing of the new website we also changed the branding slightly to modernise it to be relevant to the 21st century. 

Feel free to flick through, watch some videos, visit their website and have a dig into some of the work I did for them. 








Film was one of the focusses of work that I did for Catch The Fire London. We established video podcasts, video notices and everything that came along with all of that: Promo Shorts, Intro Clips, Interviews, Audio Podcasts, Highlights and simple Live-Streams.

so What you waiting for? click play




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I Love QC is an online store that sells DJ Visuals. We used a broad range of marketing techniques, from social media to a newsletters to boost sales and also aided in the creation and release of new products on their site. I also did some video work for their sister company Veezy which you can see below.

As the company already had established a website and branding I mainly focussed on video editing, sale analytics and marketing.



Product Demo Videos

Short videos created to show what is included in each content pack, with a little bit of Therzo Zing




Veezy is a live-streaming platform owned by I Love QC. I worked with them running software demos to clients as well as running the livestream at events such as social media week London, the UK Beatbox Championships